Bespoke Services


Each detail is designed to tell your story.

Liv Casas is a creative design studio specialising in bespoke heirloom quality linens. We offer endless design options to create one-of-a-kind Bed, Bath and Table linens that tell our client’s story.

With Ilinka’s over twenty years of interior design experience, we embody the professionalism, knowledge and an intuitive taste for timeless, elegant design that is integral to our unmatched offerings.

Because we are committed to quality and authenticity, our Bespoke Services are constantly evolving into new parts of the globe and new areas of handicraft expertise based on our clients’ requests. If we do not already have an atelier or artisan who is an expert at doing what is envisioned, we expand our network and search to find the best to achieve ours and the client’s high standards.

Make an enquiry

If you would like to enquire further regarding a bespoke order or for any other questions and information please fill out the form detailing your enquiry.

For enquiries from professionals in areas such as interior design, architecture, hospitality, yachting and wellness, please contact us to discuss working on a trade basis.

Email: contact@livcasas.com