What We Do

Welcome to Liv Casas. A bespoke design studio founded through our love for creating beautifully modern hand-crafted pieces using cherished, artisanal techniques. Collaborations with our clients, designers and friends are inspired by our deep understanding that weaving the connection of one’s personal story into their designs is what creates heirloom treasures imbued with legacy. 

We value the old traditions of fine linen production — sourcing exceptional textiles hand-crafted by expert artisans in our European ateliers, where thoughtful design and production enables exquisite quality and beauty. Heritage craftsmanship of fine linen construction, hand embroidery and lace detailing are among the time-honoured traditions we champion. 

The Liv Casas bespoke experience is unique, providing an attentive and knowledgeable service combined with endless design offerings. Our decades of experience in the interiors world paired with our intuitive taste for elegant, timeless design encourages us to curate collectibles for our clients that transcend trends and time. If you’re drawn into our world, you share our aesthetic affinities for age-old beauty and believe in investing in the pieces we use everyday to foster connection and bring joy into our everyday rituals at Home. 

Who We Are

Liv Casas - originally Ilinka Collection - was born from Interior Designer, Ilinka Lukic’s desire to create heirloom linens for our daily rituals. During Ilinka’s over twenty years of interior design experience, she found herself seeking the quality linens she had grown up with in her mother’s Madrid home — most still being used to this day. Inspired by her nostalgia and driven by her vision, she creates them herself.   As her London based business expanded, Ilinka was drawn to working with her friend and colleague, Erin Bonnier, whose passion for textiles grew from her years at NYC’s iconic ABC Carpet & Home. Liv Casas is a synthesis of our worlds — embodying our professionalism, knowledge and intuition for refined design.

Special Thanks

Immense gratitude to our co-founder, David G. Abós, who was a key visionary with his impeccable taste and genuine love for the products and brand. His charm and vision remain an integral part of Liv Casas still to this day.

Thank you to Manuel Yllera, Davide Lovatti, German Saiz, Jeremy Leach and Cristina Gimenez for their support.